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We’ve been following The Catonaut profile on Instagram for a while now. We found out that it is an existential, yet funny romp through surrealist feline adventures. Accompanied by his human Gary, the two question what is real and what isn’t as they search for the way home.

We decided that we should contact the creator of this comics and find out more. So this is what Mason (the creator of the Catonaut) had to tell us.


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Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? What is your name and where are you from? 

My Name is Mason O’Halloran.  I’m originally from Boston, but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.


As cat lovers ourselves we must ask this question. Do you have a cat? 🙂 

My fiancé and I have three cats: Mary, Dexter, and our new kitten Fando!  There are also aspects of the comic that are nods to real life cats, like the astronaut Oscar (who’s named after my childhood cat) and the Catonaut’s ear notch (which belonged to my cat Bitty who was battling cancer when I first started writing the comic)    



For how long you have been writing the Catonaut comics? 

The Catonaut idea was something I had been drawing here and there for many years, but I’ve been writing out his actual story for about five years now.

How you came up with this idea? In other words how the Catonaut was born?

I believe creative expression can help people through most things.  In the Catonaut’s comic he is brought to life by the imagination of a lost and desperate astronaut named Oscar.  He is an creative amalgamation of things that remind Oscar of home.  

What makes Catonaut different? Does he have any superpowers? 🙂

The Catonaut is permanently linked to Oscar’s imagination.  Because of this, he is capable of doing pretty much anything his human believes he can.  (This is easier said than done since the two don’t always get along)



What are your future plans with your character? Maybe you are planning to start a cartoon? 

A cartoon is something I’ve thought of, but is too much work for one person.  For the time being the Catonaut’s daily life is told in newspaper style comic strip shorts online.  His full story will be told in a larger comic book/graphic novel form which I’m currently working on.  I have three volumes written and am currently penciling the first issue.  I’m also working on coloring and existential activity pages which could be divided up as extras in the back of comic book issues, or could become their own thing someday.

Maybe you would like to say something to our readers? Share your patreon and social media profiles of the Catonaut?

@thecatonaut on Instagram is where I’m most active.  Higher res images and longer process videos that won’t fit on Instagram I post on  I’ve just started on there, but I’ve posted a lot of physical perks like secret decoder/fan club cards, original art, etc. Besides that I can be reached at or 🙂 



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