Luhu Will Break Your Heart – The Saddest Cat In The World

Probably we can all agree that cats have a fantastic deal in life. They don’t have to worry about anything. No rent or bills to pay, no need to have a job. Who wouldn’t like to live like this? Also let’s not forget about free food, and possibility to sleep all day long without anything to worry about. And if you ever get bored you can always annoy your human by waking him up at nigh for no reason at all. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? But not for one cat whose name is Luhu, it seems like nothing can bring joy for this feline. She lives in Beijing with her various other siblings, but Luhu is the only one that looks very sad. Would you be happy if you would have 150k Instagram followers? Because that’s exactly how many followers Luhu has!

Luhu on Instagram





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Comments (1)
Keri R
September 23, 2017

I would love this cutie!!!!! Yea, looks sad but was just blessed with that face that just attracts the mushy in me!!!!!

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