Cats With The Craziest Fur Markings

Here is the list of some cats with the craziest fur markings ever. Have you ever seen a cinnamon roll cat, or the two – faced kitten? Check out our list to see some more awesome cats! Which cat has the most distinctive fur patter? Let us know in the comments below.


Marble Beauty 


Venus The Two-Faced Kitten


Inception Cat


Sam. He Has Eyebrows


This Is My Cat Paco. I Also Call Her Exclamation Butt


Hamilton The Hipster Cat



Cat Wearing Cat Ears


This Cat Must Have A Secret Identity


Cinnamon Roll Cat


A Hitler Cat Look-Alike


This Cat That Curls Up Just Right To Make A Heart


This Kitten Has A Heart On His Nose


Batcat Plus Look At Those Paws


The OMG Cat


This Cat Has Fur Eyes Above It’s Real Eyes



My Friend’s Cat Has A Number 1 On Its Forehead


There’s A Sword In My Cat’s Fur


Cat With A Cat On His Back


The Queen Of Spades


My Cat Has A Fur Bat-Signal



Half Faced Trixie


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Comments (2)
January 20, 2018

They are all beautiful. 🐱❤

January 22, 2018

I love them all!!! They’re all so beautiful and unique!! I’d love to see more 🙂
You can imagine what they’re parents look like.

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