Absolutely Majestic Siberian Farm Cats Have Taken Over This Farmer’s Land

Just once you feel you are the craziest cat lady around, someone else goes ahead and one-ups one to the fullest. Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva has turned her homestead into a self-proclaimed ‘Catland,’ and has gone viral with all the extraordinary photographs and videos she takes of her most cats that are glorious.

Stationed at Prigorodny, just outside Barnaul, Siberia, Lebedeva along with her husband Sergey have been raising cats for more than ten years. “How many do we have today? To such a question I usually answer ‘a million, maybe more,'” Lebedeva tells DesignYouTrust. “They live in the hen house… They have three ‘small bedrooms’ there where they sleep according to how they feel. Our cats protect the chickens and rabbits from mice and rats.”

Alla’s picture and video journal of her feline family’s daily adventures now have a following of more than 5 thousand on YouTube. However they continued to be circulated around the Web without consent and passed off as ‘Norwegians.’ Although the Siberian cat is closely linked to the famed Norwegian Forest Cat, please remember they are different species.



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