10 Things That Only Cat Owners Can Understand

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The life of a cat owner differs a lot from the life of others. Having a cat means extra responsibility and a bunch of other issues. However, the love and company you get in return make everything worthwhile. Scroll down for those things that won’t make sense to non-cat owner.

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#1 You can’t get up.


#2 Packing stuffs for vacations.


#3 When you’re the chosen one.


#4 They are not as easy going as dogs.



#5 They are always there to bother you.


#6 They are active by night.


#7 Your bed is occupied sometimes.


#8 You love all the cat-like creatures.


#9 When your decision affects them also.


#10 You’re judged silently from afar.


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Tony Mccarthy April 17, 2018 13:39:34

I agree with all those aspects of having cats. We have had numerous cats over our lifetime and they all have their own unique personalities. They have given us so much love and affection. The more that you give them, the more that they give back to you.



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